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Design influences the world around us every day. We chat with designers, illustrators, photographers, and others to find out the stories that made them want to get into the creative world as a career, and talk with chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs and anyone else that uses their creative talent about how they use their creative talents to design their menus and restaurants.

If you have suggestions for guests or questions about the show, please reach out to us on Twitter @feastondesign.

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    Sean Ferguson

    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Sean Ferguson. We chat about designing for the restaurant industry, how working with the test kitchen has led to him being able to take his creativity in another direction, revising the branding for a restaurant while maintaining the customers trust, there’s a ton of food talk, plus a whole lot more.

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    Happy Cargo Books with Beth Stafford & Jeremy Slagle

    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Beth Stafford & Jeremy Slagle about their new children’s book Hip Hooray Hippo. We talk about what they learned from their first kickstarter campaign for Chin Up Chinchilla and how they’ve applied those lessons this time around, how their writing and illustrations evolved from the first book to this book, how they manage running their businesses in the midst of writing and illustrating a book and then manning the kickstarter campaign, plus a whole lot more.

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    Hrag Nassanian–Wayfinder

    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Hrag Nassanian, a product designer and founder of Wayfinder, a product line of wallets, notebook holders and other soft goods. We chat about what makes designing for physical products different, his design process and how he works with clients, taking risks in life and how to move past the fear, plus a whole lot more.

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    Prentice Howe–The Empowered Challenger Playbook

    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Prentice Howe, author of The Empowered Challenger Playbook and Principal at Door No. 3 in Austin, Texas. We chat about what makes a challenger brand, the importance of niching down by clarifying who you work with and how you work with them, developing a mind set that’s geared for change, plus a whole lot more.

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    Matt Dawson & Crop 2020

    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Matt Dawson, founder of Crop, a conference for designers and creatives. We chat about how’s he’s adjusting to the creative community in Austin after moving from Atlanta earlier this year, building Crop and how they are quite literally weathering the storm after a hurricane destroyed their plans for Crop cruise to celebrate the conference’s 5th anniversary, how they were able to rework the event to be held in Austin, during April 2022, making up work to keep learning and as a way to get work, the downside of chasing likes on social media, plus a whole lot more.

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    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with The team from DesignXL, a new design conference in Pensacola, Florida this November. We talk about how the conference got started, the importance of building community, and why you should come to DesignXL, plus a whole lot more.

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    Conor Brady, CCO at Critical Mass

    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Conor Brady, Chief Creative Officer for Critical Mass. We chat about working in the record industry and developing a reputation for being able to deal with difficult clients, how that skillset serves him now as a CCO, the growth of digital and the future of interaction design, plus a whole lot more.

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    Kyle Courtright, Logowave

    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Kyle Courtright, Founder of Logowave. We chat about picking up and moving to Albuquerque shortly after college with no jo lined up, going to work in a non-design company while building his freelance business, finding business by cousin on the SEO on his website as a way to drive traffic to it, the how and why behind him starting Logowave, plus a whole lot more.

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    The Haberdasher

    Today I’m talking with Roy Clarke, Bartender and General Manager at the Haberdasher, a craft cocktail bar in Mobile Alabama. Roy and I sit down over a beer and talk about designing a bar with everything from the décor and lighting to how the back bar is organized, how to create a balanced craft cocktail menu, and Mobile’s Tiki week – which is currently going on at Bars like the Haberdasher, plus a whole lot more.

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    Magge Gagliardi

    Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Magge Gagliardi, an educator and illustrator based out of Connecticut. We chat about balancing work & life while teaching at multiple universities and maintaining a professional practice, developing both a technical and conceptual style, and creating beer packaging for multiple brands, plus a whole lot more.

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